Just how to change the pump oil in vacuum cleaner packing machine?

sachet packing machinesPrior to the oil adjustment, the pump needs to be actually competing 15-30 moments, quit after the oil temperature rises, open up the oil plug, unfilled the oil, and afterwards tighten the oil connect, sachet packing machine wholesale always keep oil to the brand-new pump at indicated height.If there is actually massive pollution, after that put brand new oil to re-operation, to ensure that the pump tidy sufficient. The solenoid valve should be actually cleaned for each 3 to 6 months of continuous procedure.

Steps as comply with :

A, take out the solenoid valve

B, open up the solenoid shutoff, the shutoff chair, body, center as well as spring season, embeded the 90 # gas for cleansing

C, dry out the fuel on the components, then mount according to the order (just before the installation of iron should be covered along with a small amount of lubricating oil)

D, energy exam, if the shutoff has a powerful resonance or odd audio, need to re-remove the shutoff physical body, switch a specific slant and after that re-installed, examination once more up until no noise.

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